Welcome to Our Class Blog! ♥

Welcome parents and students!

I am thrilled to be teaching grade four immersion this year at FES! I am looking forward to working in partnership with my students and parents to ensure each child has a fun and exciting year of growth.

My goal is to always provide an inviting and nurturing learning environment where students feel comfortable  “taking chances” and delving into all new learning experiences with eager minds and strong determination. I strongly believe that with the right attitude, there are no limits to what my students can achieve.

My wish is for all my students to have a positive year in grade 4. With the strong values embedded within our class- to be respectful and kind – I know this is more than possible. Share in our journey as your child faces a new, exciting, and challenging experience!

Why a blog spot?

The purpose of our blog is to bring the classroom in your homes to help support you and your child as they are learning a second language. It is also to publish their work and be able to share with friends and family their skills and talents.

30 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Class Blog! ♥

  1. Thanks Sandra!
    You are right, I have a wonderful group of kids. I am looking forward to working with each and every single one of them. I’m glad to hear that Amanada is adjusting well. I am for sure enjoying her as a student ☺

  2. Your blog looks great! I know that Jacob is looking forward to exploring it as it continues to grow. This is a very helpful tool for parents and for students. Bravo!

  3. I am so excited that teachers are using blog spots for their classes. Hopefully we can encourage all other teachers to do so. With that I will need your help

  4. bonjour madame
    pour mon premier jour de la fin de semaine j`ai jouer avec Marley~oops….Lily ques ce que tu la fait pour ton fain de semaine?


  5. Qu `est que tu fait pendant la fin de semaine.J`ai aller a la fete de christna et a la fete de Dakota.BON FIN DE SEMAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Just cruising on the website to see what is new and needed for updating. Thought I would lea ve a comment to say how great it is that you have a blog for your students and parent community. Kudos to you!

  7. 4D parents love Mme DeMerchant’s blog. It keeps us up to date with what the kids are doing and which outcomes they are covering. It’s a great communication tool. Way to go Mme. DeMerchant, you’re setting a great example, More teachers should be blogging! Maybe there should be PD based around setting up class or school blogs.

  8. bonjour madame. J’espere que to est plus bonne demain!! A ma fin de semain jai repose!! Quest que tu la fait? Etre plus bonne tres vite!!


  9. Bonjour mme!!!!! C’est triste que on vais pas être dans ta classe un autre fois!!!!! Comment ça va? Je sais que c’est just lundi mais j’ai manquer!!!!! 🙁

  10. Hi, Mme! Having a great summer so far?! I really miss you! I hope to see you a lot at school When I’m in grade 5!!

    • Bonjour Mackenzie!! Comment était ton match de soccer? Félicitations à ton 1e jeu!! C’est excitant :-)
      Je passe un bel été, mais j’ai hâte de retourner en septembre. J’espère que tu passes un bel été et que tu amuses bien. Je vais te voir au retour de l’année scolaire!
      À la prochaine,

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